High performance scale-out storage to enable demanding workloads.

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What does Quantum do?

World-leading tiered storage, archiving and data protection solutions across disk, tape and software for on-premise or cloud environments.

Intelligent data lifecycle management

Quantum solutions take a different approach to data storage with flexible, automated movement of data across different technology types at different times, delivering the lowest total cost of ownership without compromising on performance.

Working with Arrow

The experienced data centre team at Arrow works with the world’s most innovative vendors, including established market leaders like Quantum, that will expand our channel partners’ product portfolios and improve revenue opportunities whilst ensuring customer satisfaction.

This is done by:

  • Anytime access to leading Arrow Support Services, pre and post-sales expertise, along with a dedicated quotes team
  • Access to Authorised Training from Arrow Education Services
  • World-class event and demonstration facilities located across the UK
  • Equipping Quantum Partners with the necessary knowledge and expertise to sell their products and services via enablement sessions
  • Rewarding results and fostering growth
  • Recommending complementary solutions to complete the offering
  • Generating demand with tailored sales and marketing campaigns
  • Responding quickly to partner needs

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For more information about Quantum or to find out more about data centre solutions from Arrow, call us on +31 (0) 88 - 0242 900 or email info.ecs.nl@arrow.com.

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StorNext Scale-out Storage

Powered by StorNext, a fast streaming file system and policy driven data management software, StorNext Scale-out Storage is high performance, multi-tier shared storage for large, data intensive workloads.

StorNext Pro Solutions

Xcellis Next Generation Workflow Storage and Xcellis for Enhanced Workflows are scalable hardware solutions which combine the power of SAN and the connectivity of NAS to streamline operations and enhance workflows.

aiWARE for Xcellis

aiWARE is an Artificial Intelligence operating system which operates within an organisations own network, on-appliance and on-premise, to avoid cloud related latency issues. By hosting AI engines locally, speed and processing performance are enhanced and large media libraries do not need to be moved to the cloud.

StorNext Tape Archives

StorNext Tape Archives are the lowest cost option for long term storage needs, whilst not compromising on data integrity and security.

Lattus Object Storage

Lattus is incredibly scalable online storage, more economical than primary storage, with better performance than tape. Lattus is ideal for unpredictable workloads or organisations which are experiencing problems associated with data growth.

FlexTier Cloud Access

FlexTier is fully integrated with StorNext and offers cost-effective, on-demand cloud storage with no additional hardware or software requirements.

Artico Archive Gateway

Artico Archive Gateway provides archiving capabilities for tiered storage and intelligently moves data to the right storage technology at the right time, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Scalar Intelligent Tape Libraries

Ideal for archiving and long-term data retention, Quantum libraries are proactive and automated, reliable, scalable and highly performing.

Scalar Linear Tape File System presents a tape library as a NAS share, enabling users to directly access archived files even allowing them to drag and drop files directly to and from a tape cartridge.

DXi Deduplication Systems

Quantum DXi Deduplication Systems allows data reduction, reducing operational expenditure and management overheads, locally, in the cloud and across WANs. Backup and restore times are reduced, data is replicated, protected and encrypted in flight.

SuperLoader 3

A flexible tape loader, designed for reliable and simple backups, with a wide range of drive options and advanced features such as barcode reader and remote management, diagnostics and monitoring as standard.


Q-Cloud solutions allow organisations to actively integrate the cloud with on-premise storage as part of a tiered storage approach, to deliver improved performance, access, scalability and efficiency.

Q-Cloud Protect

Q-Cloud Protect is a virtual deduplication appliance which provides a hybrid cloud backup and DR solution.

QXS Hybrid Storage

QXS Hybrid Storage utilises flash and disk technology for high performance, efficiency and scalability. QXS Hybrid Storage incorporates automated tiering and a range of different models to suit different workloads.

QXS Q-Tier

QXS Q-Tier storage tiering intelligently and automatically moves frequently used data to high performing storage technology, in real-time, to improve performance.

QXS Q-Tools include Cache, for SSD/HDD configurations, automatically activating the read cache function to improve the overall performance of intensive workloads.

Thin Provisioning streamlines provisioning, only using disk space when written to, making it easy for administrators to add storage when needed.

Storage Pooling allows physical or logical disks to be aggregated into pools, from which logical volumes can be allocated, simplifying storage allocation for administrators.

Quick RAID rapid rebuilds drives up to five times faster, using an accelerated rebuild operation.