Citrix Portfolio Simplification

Type: News
Published: 22/05/2018

Citrix Portfolio 2

In January at Citrix Summit 2018, the focus was on simplicity: simplifying how Citrix position who Citrix is, what differentiates Citrix, and the value Citrix deliver. Citrix also announced their intent to simplify Citrix product names, so that Citrix portfolio is easy to understand and reinforces one brand: Citrix.

Citrix is taking this bold step to position Citrix solutions for future growth and to make life easier for you, our partners, and our customers. Citrix new product structure and names were announced more broadly at Synergy and meet the following goals:


  • Reinforce Citrix as an overall technology leader and a leader in its technology categories - Workspace, Networking, and Analytics
  • Clarify what Citrix delivers by using the words our customers use
  • Make it easier for sales, partners, and customers to understand, sell, and buy Citrixsolutions


Review the Partner toolkit that’s available on Citrix SalesIQ to better understand why Citrix is doing this and how this change will benefit you. The toolkit will also help you prepare for the implementation of these changes in your own collateral, content and resources. Finally, you will find important information to help you answer questions from your customers regarding the unification changes they may begin to see in products, websites and marketing content as early as May and through 2018.

The portfolio unification will take place gradually with a phased approach, detailed in the materials in the toolkit. Any effects that this change will have on the quoting and ordering processes will be communicated well in advance so we are all ready for a smooth transition.


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