Free FireEye Tool: Office 365 E-mail Threat Detection

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Evaluate threat detection efficiency with a no-charge evaluation service powered by FireEye Email Security. 

Available as part of FireProof Demo Center at FireEye, E-mail Threat Analysis is designed to help organizations easily discover how they can better protect themselves against today's e-mail based threats. The evaluation takes place in the cloud and analyses an organization's received Microsoft Office e-mail to determine if advanced threats are getting past current defenses.

The evaluation is free, with no software or hardware to deploy, and no e-mail system impact. It takes less than five minutes to set up, and consists of just three simple steps:

  1. Visit and complete the form.
  2. Authorise acces to office 365.
  3. Review the report in 2-4 days.

The parameters of the evaluation include:

  • E-mail start and end timestamps
  • Maximum E-mail count per mailbox
  • Mailboxes to analyse

If would like to receive more information concerning this free Office 365 tool please contact Hans Maatkamp

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